The Benefits of Dental

Nearly four in five employees would prefer new or additional benefits over a pay increase, according to Glassdoor’s Q3 2015 Employment Confidence Survey. Dental insurance can be a cost effective benefit to add to help increase employee job satisfaction.

Here are some questions to consider as you think about implementing or shopping your dental plan:

  • Are you interested in contributing to the cost of a plan or offering as a voluntary benefit?
  • Do you have an insurance company you would prefer?
  • What are employees requesting?
  • What dentists do you want to make sure are included in the network?
  • Do you want to include coverage for orthodontics?

Chew on this!

  • If you floss once per day, you will use about 5 miles of dental floss in your lifetime
  • Tooth enamel is the hardest part of our bodies
  • If you brush twice per day, two minutes each, you will spend 24 hours each year brushing
  • Brushing twice per day over a lifetime will use about 20 gallons of toothpaste
  • Like a fingerprint, everyone’s tongue print is unique!
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