Group Disability Insurance

Group disability insurance is coverage that protects employees’ earnings by providing a portion of their income if they become too sick or hurt to work. Group disability insurance is available as:

Short Term

  • Immediate coverage
  • Shorter duration

Long Term

  • Available after a waiting period
    • Can be satisfied with short-term disability or state disability, if available
  • Longer duration (options available up to retirement age)

Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance is a benefit available to your employees as long as they continue to work for you. In the event of death, it provides a lump sum benefit to protect their loved ones.

Some key features of group life insurance are:

  • Typically premiums are employer-paid, but voluntary options are also available
  • Coverage is guaranteed issue, so pre-existing medical conditions are not considered
  • Benefit is tax-advantaged to the beneficiary