In addition to our years of experience and expertise the benefit of working with us is our commitment to education, research and precise communication.

We are an independent insurance agency specializing in life, health, and long term care insurance for individuals and small companies.  We  can help with insurance for newborns or those on Medicare!

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We want to know what you need so we ask questions.  We want you to be comfortable and trust that you have the information to make the right decision.


We want to know about you as a person and an applicant.  We will ask about your health, your family history and your priorities.

Small Business Owners

If you are launching your business or have been in business for many years we need to know about you: size, location, industry, employee population (Please click here for an Excel census form). We need to know what you want for your employees and how you are managing the ACA changes.

We will research plan options, help you make a decision, conduct employee educational meetings,  manage implementation of the plan, assist with enrollments and terminations.  We keep you informed about ACA compliance rules.

We educate, inform and keep you informed throughout the year.