Life insurance helps individuals, families and businesses to prepare and protect financially against the unexpected loss of a spouse, partner, parent or key employee.

It is a contract between you the policyholder and the insurance company.

The IMPACT of life insurance is immeasurable.  The value to the beneficiary is inestimable, like tossing the pebble into the pond, the ripples are far reaching.

woman thinking about life insurance options

How much is enough?

Selecting a suitable amount of life insurance requires more than a simple calculation. It depends on your needs.  Who will suffer financially?  What are your obligations?

Why Buy Life Insurance?

Family Protection

Final Expenses

Emergency Fund

Education Fund

Mortgage Protection

Retirement Planning

Consider the following in determining the right amount of insurance:

  • Purpose of insurance
  • Annual income that needs to be replaced
  • Education savings to be provided
  • Inflation protection for surviving family members
  • Amount of mortgage or mortgages
  • Special needs of surviving family members

How is the cost determined?

  • Amount of insurance
  • Type of Insurance Permanent or term?
  • Age
  • Personal and family health history
  • Any interesting hobbies?

When should you buy Life Insurance?

This video helps outline the importance of life insurance, and what it covers.

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