Why Buy Long Term Care Insurance?

Chances are one day you will need help. Beginning the discussion about the need for Long Term Care insurance is challenging and at times uncomfortable. It requires that we acknowledge we are aging and admit that we might need care in the future. It is a highly emotional topic.

Long Term Care Insurance offers assistance for care at home or in a facility.

Long-Term Care Insurance is the type of insurance you may need in the event of increased frailty, disability, an accident, or prolonged illness that makes it difficult for you to manage your activities of daily living.

Did you know that neither private health insurance nor Medicare covers convalescent or long term care?

Medi-CAL has strict guidelines and requires one to spend down assets.

Medicare Facts

Medicare covers 100 days of skilled nursing following a 3 day hospital stay


Does not cover intermediate care


Provides no benefits for custodial care


Does not pay for chronic conditions – patients must be improving for Medicare to continue payments.

Long Term Care Insurance

Protects the assets you have accumulated and helps you pay for services you may need at home or in a facility.


  • As technology has improved our average life span has increased. Chances are very good that one day you will need help as a result of aging.
  • Medicare does not cover the cost of long term care
  • Private health insurance does not cover convalescent or long term care
  • Medi- CAL has strict guidelines and requires one to spend down assets

People want:

  • Control and independence
  • To avoid burdening children and family
  • To protect home and assets
  • Access to quality care
  • Care coordination

When should you buy Long –Term Care Insurance?

While you are healthy and qualify!  Call us to see if you qualify and get an idea of cost.

Here’s another great resource on information regarding Long Term Care.

Interested in the Cost of Care in Your Area?

Please feel free to review Genworth’s annual Cost of Care Survey.